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Honda Jazz 1.4 CVT

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Honda Jazz 1.4 ES CVT


Today I got the chance to drive our Honda Jazz 1.4 ES CVT (auto) for the first time. It's a belter!

We've had small automatic cars on fleet before..... All small, all automatic, and all absolutely horrible to drive.

In fact, prior to driving the Jazz, I had been led to believe that when any automatic car smaller than a large family car changed gear, the likely result was that the driver would embed his or her teeth in the steering wheel. Fine, if you wear dentures and can pop them back in again..... Not so good if, like me, the teeth are still your own, and you would really prefer to keep them in your mouth a wee while longer!

The Jazz is a relevation. It seems that CVT stands for "Continuosly Variable Transmission". So, in effect.... It never changes gear! Your head stays on your shoulders. Your teeth stay in your head. And.. If you need to overtake the crawler in front of you - Welly it... The auto box is responsive enough for most situations. If it can't handle your need for speed, though, flick the flappy paddles behind the steering wheel, and overtake that slow coach without any hassle at all!

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