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Why do local businesses keep buying vehicles from Compass Self Drive?

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Why do so many local businesses buy their vehicles from Compass Self Drive?


Yes, another Ayrshire business has bought another (it's not their first!) commercial vehicle from Compass Self Drive! And, they are not alone. More and more businesses are opting to purchase cars and commercial vehicles from us. 


Here's why..........


  1. Provenance. At Compass Self Drive we purchase every vehicle brand new from main franchised (UK) dealers. Whilst some may have had several drivers, we have been the only owner from new, and have details of everything that has ever been done (whether rental or maintenance) to every vehicle.
  2. History. As the only owners we have a complete record of every service carried out, part or tyre fitted, repair completed, and recall or warranty action applied to each vehicle. Maintenance is carried out locally, so our own records can be verified by the relevant suppliers if necessary.
  3. TLC. Each vehicle is given a 30 point safety/maintenance/cleanliness check on return from each rental. When did you last check the oil and water in your vehicle??
  4. Trust. In 2014 Compass Self Drive will have been established for 25 years. We must be doing something right! We only sell our own quality vehicles and don't expect any issues with vehicles which we sell. However, we live in the real world, and if something does go wrong, we are here to help resolve the problem.... So that you'll come back the next time!
  5. Most importantly... PRICE! As our name implies, we are a vehicle rental company, not a dealership. As licensees of United Rental System, we have access to some of the best fleet discounts in the UK. As we are able to buy at the right price, we can sell at the right price. In addition, we do not have the overheads of a fancy showroom, we don't have to pay salesmen commission, we have not had to pay over the odds at auction for our stock as it is our own, and we sell directly to the next user. So, our prices are.... Well, see for yourself! Sales hotline: 07980 664837

Join the growing band of Compass customers and see what value for money really means!

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